Project Description

The most beautiful roses to enhance a union of style and elegance. The irresistible temptation of having it, to touch it, to appreciate it in its every detail. Majestic floral trophies made of precious gold leaf, are combined together with beautiful and precious woods to create a unique and incomparable style.


Things so magical and enchanting could be appreciated only in dreams. The desire of the highest quality materials and finishes, the passion for an environment with an everlasting style that seemed to be just an inaccessible dream, now becomes the experience of every day.

The history and the great creations of Riva are reflected in a “unique and unrepeatable” way of living. Every moment of our lives is special and deserves to be lived as it is. All the luxury of a special place that was once accessible only through the imagination, now you can find it in your home …. a unique space that takes you back to the past, where luxury and style dominated and all was a matter of power and prestige.


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